Doug Yeakel, MD
Dr. Yeakel took the first national exam in primary care sports medicine and has participated in the development of that specialty since its birth in the mid 90s. While he was at the forefront of sports medicine, it was not his first foray in the field of medicine.

A board-certified emergency physician, Dr. Yeakel spent many years in emergency departments and Level I trauma centers. Though a "late bloomer" in the athletic arena, Dr. Yeakel became an avid enthusiast in the early years of the running boom. When triathlon first emerged as a sport, he found a niche at which he excelled. Primary care sports medicine allowed Dr. Yeakel to integrate his passion for sport with medicine. He practiced with a multi specialty orthopaedic group as a non-surgeon sports medicine physician through 2006.

Dr. Yeakel has been team physician for organizations including: professional soccer, ballet, college, high school, US Triathlon National Team, martial arts and many others. He sees the engagement in sports medicine as the "other end of the health continuum." While in the emergency department, he was constantly involved with trauma and illness.

"Engagement with athletes is often challenging when dealing with the extremes of wellness," Dr. Yeakel said, adding that he is excited to continue exploring and sharing his passion for health and wellness in this active mountain community. He is married and has five children who are all off exploring their own futures. He and his wife can be found on the mountain trails or paved roads logging many miles hiking, running or on their tandem bikes.

"It took me 20 years to get to the mountains, and I am here to stay!" he said.

An avid skier, Dr. Yeakel just recently decided to "lock down his heel" after 30 years of telemark. "Whether in medicine or sport, there is always more to learn. That is what keeps it all exciting!"
Dr. Yeakel adventure racing in La Rusta, Costa Rica