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100 Mile Medic
We specialize in providing quality medical care to the Racers, Support Crews, and Spectators of Ultraendurance events. After spending years working and coordinating races here in Leadville, Colorado, we saw the need to have event specific medical staff for these events.

There are many companies that can provide medical support for your event. However, we specify in Ultraendurance events. We understand the demand that these races put on the body. We understand the effects of elevation on the body and we respect the mind-set of ultraendurance participants. After all, we are the paramedics, EMTs, doctors and nurses that compete and train alongside you. We live here in the mountains and play here too.

100 Mile Medic has the sport-specific knowledge to provide the worry free support for your ultra event, no matter how remote the location. We work with local SAR, ambulance services, and hospitals to provide seamless medical care in the event of an emergency.